Valerie Varnuska Amazed by Visible Stars - Ideal Stargazing Locations

Valerie Varnuska

A resident of Westbury, NY, Valerie Varnuska makes time to enjoy nature and her surroundings. Valerie Varnuska has a particular interest in stargazing and on a visit to Arizona, was amazed by the number of stars she could see.

Ideal stargazing spots have wide skies and cloudless nights. The following are locations worth visiting to take in the best views of the stars above.

Grand Canyon's North and South Rims At night, these two areas provide a clear view of star clusters, nebulae, and galaxies. Stargazers can also see Saturn and choose to participate in one of the many hosted on the rim.

Mount Locke
Reaching heights of 6,700 feet, Mount Locke is situated in Texas Davis Mountains and offers an abundance of dark skies. Atop the summit is McDonald Observatory. It offers telescopes, one of which is among the largest in the world, for sky watching.

This Arizona city has approximately 300 clear nights a year. At an elevation of more than 4,500 feet, Sedona is void of nearly all air and light pollution, so stargazers can view easily in local parks.